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The vineyards owned by the Sokolov Zamak winery are located on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora, while the northern rims descend towards the Danube. The unique Fruška Gora climate creates ideal conditions for the cultivation and development of international grape varieties from which we produce wines with a unique and distinctive taste.

Sokolov Zamak winery produces wines that express their origin, because our principle is to believe that wines are “children of the location” and that their character and quality originate exclusively from the vineyard itself.

We are guided by the idea that Sokolov Zamak wines should bear the seal of their location,  respecting land and the fruits that our vineyards ripe.

Tradition gives our vineyards roots, and the innovations we introduce each year give space vineyards to grow. The vineyards are made from high quality international varieties: Chardonnay, Moscato bianco, Moscato giallo, Moscato rosa, Aleatico, Pinot noir, Marselan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Arinarnoa, but our idea is to plant the indigenous variety Julian Muscat (Gendarme) in order to succeed in combining the best of traditional and international flavors.

Due to the temperate continental climate, many sunny days and favorable temperatures, the gentle slopes of Fruška Gora are extremely favorable for viticulture, with a mean annual temperature of 11.2° C.

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