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Vinarija „Sokolov zamak“ je porodična vinarija smeštena na južnim padinama Fruške gore u Beški. Naši vinogradi, površine od oko 70 hektara, u jutarnjim satima su najosunčaniji, što im daje posebnu aromu, pun ukus i tračak sunca zarobljenog u čaši.

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Rosé is wine made from red grapes using the white wine technology and as such it represents a transition from white to red wine with a tendency to keep the nuances of white. Therefore, rosés are served chilled by definition, and those of higher quality are mostly light pink in color, the color of onion skin or salmon, and are usually very dry. This type of wine is most commonly produced in the Mediterranean, Southern France, the East coast of Spain and Italy, whereas semi-dry and semi-sweet rosé with strong aromas of red berries or roses, most often made of hamburg, pinot noir, gamay, prokupac were very popular in our country for a long time …

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