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Dry white wine

CATALOG Wines Sokolov Zamak 2020

Winery Sokolov Zamak has released a richly illustrated CATALOG for 2020. The catalog contains all the products of the Winery with the relevant characteristics of the wine varieties. On this occasion, we have also enabled you to download the Catalog in electronic format. Enjoy and welcome!

Download the PDF edition of the Catalog

Type of wine
Dry white wine

Grape variety

Southern slopes of Fruška Gora; Altitude 130-220 m; Southern orientation

Wine description
The wine is of light yellow color with a greenish glow. It possesses a distinctive floral scent
with dominant aromas of banana, vanilla and melon.

Food pairing
Pasta, grilled food, smoked trout, salmon and seafood

Recommended serving temperature is 12C-14C

Vojvodina, Srem region, Fruška Gora vineyards, Beška

Fruška gora

Since the time of Romans grapes from the Fruška gora have been transformed into the most beautiful wines. Around 1.700 years have passed since the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus planted the first grapevine on the slopes of this mountain, in the village of Neštin. According to some historic scripts he was overthrown by his soldiers since at the time of peace he made them clear the forests and plant vineyards.

Fertile Pannonian land, centuries of experience in making wine and secret recipes have turned people of the Srem region into the most skillful winegrowers and winemakers.

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SOKOLOV ZAMAK is a family winery situated on the Southern slopes of Fruška Gora in Beška. Our vineyards, area of about 70 acres, are the sunniest in the morning, which gives them a special aroma, full flavor and a glimmer of sun trapped in a glass. Be a part of our family, come along and let us listen together to the vineyards grow …

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