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Trademark of the Winery

If you do not have quality grapes, you cannot make quality wine.

Vineyards owned by Sokolov Zamak winery are our trademark, because every drop of wine is made exclusively from the fruits that our vineyards give us. This controls the entire production process and guarantees that the wine you drink comes from the place where the winery is located.

People say that Vojvodina flat, but she gave us Fruska Gora and elevation of about 220m, which gives the vineyards sunshine and easier ventilation that protects the vineyard from disease. This reduces the number of sprays because our consumers’ health comes first.

Extremely low rainfall and a large number of sunshine hours make this region a quality vine.

The vineyard location is about 50 km from Belgrade, 30 km from Novi Sad, 15 km from Indjija and 4 km from the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway. Almost endlessly, rows of grapevines are forming one of the largest vineyards in Serbia, covering an area of ​​about 70 hectares, with about 350,000 grapevines planted.

Thanks to the extraordinary climate, soil composition and favorable location, international vine varieties are successfully cultivated in the vineyards, with the idea that in the coming period we plant the indigenous variety Julian Muscat (Gendarme)  in order to be able to combine the best of traditional and international flavors.

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